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Retention System
The RETENTION SYSTEM is a unique method for installing posts in high-strength RS sockets that builds-on or replaces traditional foundation methods for fast, easy installation and removal of posts.

The RETENTION SYSTEM sets the standard for post installation. It has been designed for a variety of posts, with a range of dedicated RS sockets to match specific post sizes, types and installation requirements. Typically traffic signal posts, signposts, bollards and most street furniture items are installed encased in concrete, or anchored and bolted to a concrete plinth. This means they are permanent and removal entails further expensive, disruptive and potentially dangerous excavation. With the introduction of the multi-use RETENTION SYSTEM these and other posts can now be installed in high-strength RS sockets and replaced with great speed, ease and efficiency.

"The intelligent foundation for post installation"

The RETENTION SYSTEM has been designed to meet the rigorous demands and specifications of contemporary urban environments. International standards and post foundation requirements have been considered alongside safety concerns for pedestrian, driver and worker safety in the design and build of each RS socket.
The RETENTION SYSTEM range of sockets have been comprehensively trialled, tested and developed on real market experience to meet the crucial challenges facing infrastructure design in this century.

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