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Phases of the measuring cycle
  • Entry of the sample in the measuring cell for washing/priming
  • First measurement on the sample as is (Photometric Zero)
  • Reagent addition using the peristaltic pump
  • Development of the reaction through stirring
  • Reading of the colour (Absorbance) the differential measurement between the Zero and the Absorbance is processed by the electronic processor and converted into a concentration value, using specific correlation tables developed in our laboratories
  • The electronic controller displays the measured substance in mg/L and provides whether or not to activate the dosing components designed to control or correct it. The operating and maintenance costs are very low and, above all, the system calibration is performed automatically at each measuring cycle.

    User Interface (HMI)
    Programming keypad with 4 bubble-keys STN 240x128 backlit graphic LCD to display measurements (simultaneous measurement and temperature parameter + trend line), digital output status, storage status, faults, photometric measurement phase.

    Software & Functions
    Data logger of Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling type, on an internal 4 Mbit flash memory, equal to 16000 records, with a recording interval from 1 to 99 min. RS485 serial output for set-up and Real Time status from remote or to download stored data on a PC or laptop (using dedicated software), via MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Digital input for disabling dosages

    Application fields
  • Analysis of drinking and waste water
  • Analysis of food products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Available versions 4001 SERIES

    Operating conditions, power supply/electrical protection 4001-SERIES

    Operating temperature 0…50 °C
    Storage and transport -25…65 °C
    Humidity 10…95% non-condensing
    Power supply 100…240Vac 50-60Hz
    Power consumption 66 W
    Electrical protection UL6950-1 TUV EN60950 EN 55022 Class B EN61000 ENV50204 EN55024

    Hardware features, software features and functions 4001 SERIES

    Display LCD STN with white backlight
    Resolution 240 x 128 pixels
    Languages Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
    Keypad 4 bubble-keys [6] [5] [GRAPH/USB] [ESC/MODE] [ENTER/CAL]
    Data logger Internal Flash 4Mbit Memory equal to 16000 records with a recording interval of 01:00…99:99 min
    Recording method Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling
    Display of stored data in tabular and graphic form (1 for each parameter)
    Analogue outputs 1 for each parameter measured (excluding Comb. Chlorine)
    Type 0/ 4…20 mA galvanically isolated
    Programming limits lower / upper / reverse
    Maximum load 500 Ohm
    Alarm output according to NAMUR 2.4 mA (with range 4/20mA)
    PID Control activation on the pH output
    Set point relay outputs two (2) for primary measure + two (2) for pH measure (only mod. 4001-3)
    Programming Hysteresis, Working time and Daily/hourly activation non subject to the measured value: ON – OFF: 00.00…05.00 ppm Cl2 / 00.00…14.00 pH
    Working time 0…999 sec.
    Max resistive load relay 5A at 230Vac
    Alarm relay output Cumulative ON-OFF for: Min/Max, set point delay, faults (no water, reagents finished, projector burned, cell dirty)
    Delay time 00:00…59:99 mm:ss with minimum steps of 15 seconds
    Max resistive load relay 5A at 230Vac
    Auxiliary relay output Programmable as: Set point for Temperature measurement or Timed activation (programmable frequency and activation time)
    Max resistive load relay 5A at 230Vac
    Digital Input Clean contact for disabling dosages
    RS485 serial output MODBUS RTU Protocol (1200… 38400 Baud Rate) for set-up, Real Time status or downloading data
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 598 x 601 x 190 mm
    Total width 598 mm
    Total height 601 mm (including valves)
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