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Sitrans P200

The SITRANS P200 pressure transmitter measures the gauge and absolute pressure of liquids, gases and vapors.
  • Ceramic measuring cell
  • Gauge and absolute measuring ranges 1 to 60 bar (15 to 1000 psi)
  • For general applications

  • Benefits
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure
  • High overload withstand capability
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive media
  • For measuring the pressure of liquids, gases and vapors
  • Compact design

  • Applications
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Power engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Water supply

  • Sitrans P250

    The SITRANS P250 transmitter measures the differential pressure of liquids and gases.

  • High measuring accuracy
  • Sturdy stainless steel enclosure
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive media
  • For the measurement of the differential pressure of liquids and gases
  • Temperature-compensated measuring cell
  • Compact design

  • Applications
  • Chemical industry
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Water supply

  • Sitrans P280

    SITRANS P280 for flexible and cost-effective applications in pressure monitoring.

  • Supports the WirelessHART standard (HART V 7.1)
  • Very high security level for wireless data transmission
  • Built-in local user interface (LUI) with 3-button operation
  • Optimum display and readability using graphical display (104 x 80 pixels) with integrated backlight
  • Stand-by (deep sleep phase) can be activated and deactivated device with push of a button
  • Battery power supply
  • Battery service live up to 5 years
  • Extend battery service life with HART modem interface which can be shut off
  • Optimized power consumption through new design, and increase in battery service life.
  • Simple configuration thanks to SIMATIC PDM
  • Device meets IP65 degree of protection
  • Can be used for absolute and gauge pressure measurements

  • Benefits
  • Flexible pressure measurements
  • Save costs on writing for difficult installation conditions. Wireless technology offers cost advantages in cases where extensive wiring cost would normally apply
  • It enables additional hitherto unfeasible measuring points, particularly for monitoring purposes
  • Easy installation on moveable equipment
  • Enables cost-effective temporary measurements, for example for process optimizations
  • Optimum solution in addition to wired communication and new possibilities for system solutions in process automation

  • Applications
  • Suitable for use in all industries, in non-explosive areas

  • Sitrans P300

    The SITRANS P300 is a digital pressure transmitter for relative and absolute pressure. The conventional thread versions are available as process connections, as are flush-mounted versions. A large number of the flush-mounted versions are suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications, and satisfy the EHEDG and 3A hygiene requirements.

    The output signal is a load-independent direct current from 4 to 20 mA or a PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION signal, which is linearly proportional to the input pressure. Communication is via HART protocol or PROFIBUS PA interface. Convenient buttons for easy local operation of the basic settings of the pressure transmitter.

    The SITRANS P300 has a single-chamber stainless steel casing. The pressure transmitter is approved with "intrinsically safe" type of protection. It can be used in zone 1 or zone 0.

  • High quality and service life
  • High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
  • Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions
  • Minimum conformity error
  • Small long-term drift
  • Wetted parts made of high-grade materials (such as stainless steel, Hastelloy)
  • Measuring range 0,008 bar to 400 bar (0.1 psi to 5802 psi)
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Parameterization over control keys and HART or PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus

  • Sitrans P500

    SITRANS P500 pressure transmitters are digital pressure transmitters featuring extensive user-friendliness and which fulfil the most stringent demands of accuracy, long-term stability, speed and lots more.

    Extensive functionality allows you to set the pressure transmitter specifically to your own requirements. Despite their many settings options, local set-up is easy. A multi-lingual menu with clear text instructions guides you through the process. There are also help texts available.

    The innovative EDD with integrated QuickStart assistance is also quick and easy to configure by computer using the HART protocol. Extensive diagnostic functions, e.g. min/max pointer for pressure and temperature, or limit value indicator, make sure you always have the process under control. You can also display additional process values such as temperature or static pressure. The simultaneous display of mass, resulting from a volume, is also easy.

    The SITRANS P500 pressure transmitters can be configured to measure:
  • Differential pressure
  • Level
  • Volume
  • Mass
  • Volume flow
  • Mass flow

  • Benefits
  • Very fast response time
  • Extremely good long-term stability
  • High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive gases, vapors and liquids
  • Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions which can be used both on site as well as via HART
  • Optional separate replacement of measuring cell and electronics without recalibration
  • Extremely low conformity error values
  • Infinitely adjustable spans of 1.25 to 1250 mbar (0.018 to 18 psi)
  • Extremely good total performance and conformity error values with no loss of performance up to a turndown of 10 guaranteed
  • Additional integrated sensor for static pressure
  • Parameterization via on-site control keys or HART
  • Short process flanges enable space-saving installation

  • Applications The SITRANS P500 pressure transmitters can be used in industrial areas with extreme chemical and mechanical loads.
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