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IPL group can offer the range of Hydro Surface Treatments.

The corrosion resistance of natural aluminium is excellent, therefore there is no need to give the products any surface treatment, however, if a street image needs a certain colour or design, there is the option of applying surface treatments from a range of options.
From powdercoating, anodizing & Decoline, we can offer you a finish that will perfectly suit the installation location.

  • Powder Coating
  • Anodizing
  • Decoline
  • Hydro Accessories Range


    An electrostatic powder-coated finish is available in a range of colours. RAL colours as well as DB colours or even your own PMS colour that suits your application/location.
  • Choose from the full RAL colour range
  • DB colours also available
  • Choose the colour that suits the application/location
  • Please note, Colours may vary slightly.


    Anodizing is one of the most used surface dressings and will be used for a nice look, corrosion durability, dirt-repellent surface, decorative surface with constant color and glow, touch friendly surface, functional surface, surface with an electric isolating coating and as a basis for assemble of glue or ink. In standard form, columns are delivered in brushed finish aluminium and are ready to be installed.

  • Brushed Finish as standard
  • Option of natural Anodized finish
  • Touch friendly surface finish
  • Dirt Repelling

  • Decoline

    Our unique and innovative manufacturing process, makes DecoLine from Sapa Pole Products, the leader in the field of decorative lighting columns and flagpoles. Using powder coating that is both consistent and high quality, it is possible to provide columns with a decorative design, so that they fit better within the environment. You can choose from countless natural effects. It is also possible to create your own texture. The special Qualicoat coating guarantees colorfastness, durability and optimum protection against weather influances and UV radiation.
  • Large range of decorative finishes
  • Create your own surface finish
  • Qualicoat coating guarantees colorfastness, durability
  • Also ensures it is UV & Weather resistant
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