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We offer a range of Remote Network Pressure Monitoring Products.

This range includes;

  • Cello 4C
  • Metrolog
  • Battery Powered Flow & Pressure Products

    Cello 4C

    The Technolog Cello is a family of GSM data logging devices for water and gas applications. Tens of thousands of Cellos have been installed throughout the world and Cello has become an industry standard for remote GSM monitoring.

    Cello 4C is a fully integrated GSM/GPRS data logger, with optional external battery or power options to enable frequent data transmission and/or logging rates. The GSM network is used to transfer recorded data, meter readings and alarm messages to a host computer or to the Internet by GPRS.

    Housed in a rugged, IP68 enclosure, Cello has a custom designed aerial to maximise GSM signal in underground locations. The Cello 4C can receive pulse or alarm signals from a measuring device and can measure pressure using either an internal or external pressure transmitter.


    The Metrolog range of data loggers has been developed to provide low cost solutions for the monitoring of pressures and flows within water distribution networks. The Metrolog has a 2 line Backlit LCD screen which is light activated to save battery life. With an built-in 5 year battery it is ideal for pressure testing as well as flow meter monitoring.
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