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Molex has developed the Passive-Safety Pole Connectors with overmolded cables to meet future EU legislation governing passively safe street furniture.All powered road-side lighting,traffic lights and signage will be required to have an emergency power quick-disconnect system.In line with the legislation,the Molex Passive-Safety Pole Connectors provide electrical isolation of powered apparatus within 0.40 seconds of impact.This quick-disconnect function prevents poles and cables from becoming live conductors at crash sites.A further safety feature of the Molex system is that it allows a pole,which shears at its base on impact,to break-away cleanly.This prevents armoured electrical supply cables from dangerously tethering a pole during a crash.

  • Passive Safe Disconnection
  • Intergrated Tether Anchor Cable
  • Overmoulded Cable
  • IP68 Rating
  • Voltage - 200/250 AC
  • Operating Temperature Range -20c to +80c

  • The Molex Passive-Safety Pole connectors can also save pole manufacturers and installers significant time and labor costs and reduce traffic flow disruption and congestion as a quick-installation connector. Poles and posts that have been factory fitted with the Molex male cable assembly can be supplied on-site and simply connected to the pre-installed female (ground) connector and cable. In addition, the Molex connectors enable electrical cables to be disconnected and reconnected as required to facilitate the quick and straight-forward removal, repair, replacement and upgrading of electrified signage and lighting poles. During installation or temporary removal of posts, the female (ground) connector can be sealed to IP68 by the integral sealing cap and safely left unmated as required.

    Circuit Layouts

    Note: Higher power applications options are available for the 3, 4, 5 & 6 Circuit Variants

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