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IPL group offer customers the benefits of product standardisation and off-site construction with the introduction of pre-assembled chambers for quick and easy on site installation.

For some chamber installations the last place to assemble, build and test a chamber is in a hole in the ground. Sites are typically fraught with problems and challenges both for clients and crew carrying out the assembly. It is recognised that chamber assembly is a demanding and skilled process requiring planning and resources. The mix of site conditions, tools and equipment available together with an element of uncertainty can often see installations suffer from reduced quality, delays and additional costs.

The use of pre-assembled chambers has shown to be very effective in terms of quality, time, cost and worker safety with overall improved project performance and customer satisfaction.

The IPL group sub-assembly process — the integration of design and construction on the factory floor — gives the customer an opportunity to adopt the best construction practices available where experienced IPL group technicians routinely complete chambers in a clean quality controlled manufacturing environment.

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