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The ALPHA2 mico controller series can be easily used in all places where control is needed for the home, office, or factory, with easy to use programming software it is ideal for simple applications or text out applications, The Alpha fills the gap between traditional relays and timers and a PLC.

Offering functionality, reliability and flexibility but without the worry of cost of overheads. Alpha is the perfect maintenance product, and yet can adequately control a new process from the start. The Alpha 2 (Alpha XL) can process up to 200 function blocks in a single program, and every single function (timers, counters, analog signal processing, calendar, clock etc.) can be used as many times as you need in all your programs

  • Small, easy to use amd full of functionality
  • Simple or Complex Boolean expressions
  • Set/reset functions
  • Timers
  • Message output to screen
  • Analogue configuration (offset/gain);PID
  • Arithmetic Functions
    call back