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Carriageway Loop Box for roadside access to underground cables.
[eg. traffic counting / automatic vehicle recognition / car park access]

The Octagonal Loop Box is designed to positively connect inductive loop tails installed in the road surface into a duct at the edge of the carriageway. Manufactured from ductile iron with a one piece D400 (40T) cover, it features 4nr loop tail entry slots to enable connection from all directions. It offers a simple cost effective solution to traditional installation and maintenance problems associated with inductive loops in the carriageway.

  • GROUP 4
  • Carriageways of Roads
  • Pedestrian Streets
  • Hard Shoulders & Parking Areas
  • Features
  • Octagonal Design For Easy Installation
  • Flush Kerbside Finish
  • Multi-Directional Access Slots
  • Spare Access Slots Sealed With Blanking Plates
  • Base Spigot Secures 100mm & 50mm Duct*
  • Side Access Option*
  • Single Cover
  • Non-Rock Action
  • Open Keyhole
  • Black Bitumen Coated
  • Customised Badging Option
  • Specifications
  • Frame Size: 216x216mm
  • Frame Depth: 190mm (150+40)
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Ductile Iron (Spheroidal Graphite)
  • EN-GJS-500-7 (Material Standard)
  • EN124 - Class D400 (Product Standard)
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