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We offer a range of Pulse Counters.

This range includes;

  • Elster Scan T210
  • Simex SLE-42
  • Easy setup and programming
  • Display readable in sunlight
  • Input: accepts current and voltage
  • Pulse Counters Range

    Elster Scan

    The ScanCounter T210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs. It incorporates an easy to read display. Inexpensive and reliable, the ScanCounter T210 is a cost effective solution to meter reading access problems.

    The ScanCounter T210 is installed in a location easily accessed by the meter reader. Connected to the water meter pulse output by wire, the T210 accumulates pulses from the water meter and stores the reading.

    Simex SPI-N118

    Simex SLE-42 counters are popular, self-powered LCD totalizers in a small form. With a panel size of DIN 48 x 24 mm, they are perfect for limited space installations. They are powered by a replaceable lithium battery that lasts approximately 7 years, no external power required.

    They are available in 7 digits with 8 mm height figures with front reset or remote reset options. Input signal includes dry contact, open collector, voltage, wide range voltage at maximum count speed up to 30 Hz. The front panel protection is IP 54 and wiring connection is easily done via the terminal block connector, making it secure and reliable. CE, UL and RoHS compliant.
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