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All RETENTION SYSTEM sockets and RS engineered sockets are available with a range of base options to suit installation requirements.

RETENTION SYSTEM sockets range in size from Ø48mm - Ø406mm to suit most post profiles and sizes. Each RS socket within the range provides not only for the post size but also the application requirements. For example signposts, solar-powered posts and other street furniture items without electrical cable requirements can be installed in RS sockets with standard bases to suit post height and site conditions. Alternatively for traffic-signal posts, street lights or signposts that require electrical cables a choice of ducting access options is available. These include 360° rotational duckfoot and tee bends for cables fed into the base of the post, pole-boxes and spur-bends that facilitate cables fed into side-apertures in the post and bridge-deck bases for shallow installation requirements. All RETENTION SYSTEM base options have industry standard foundation depths or customer specific depths and most RS sockets can be cut on site to match trench depth.

Our experienced personnel and distributors welcome the opportunity to discuss your post installation needs and present all options and solutions.

Retention System: Socket Base Options

RS standard base

RS sockets with standard bases are designed for posts without cable entry requirements.

The standard base is available on all RS sockets and comes in typical foundation depths for a range of post sizes and applications. All standard bases can be made to specific depth requirements and most RS sockets can be further altered on site to match trench depths.

RS duckfoot bend

RS sockets with duckfoot bends are designed for posts where electrical cables are fed into the base of the post.

This bend rotates 360° independently of the RS socket head and body. It allows ducting to be connected from any direction and easy cable pull-through. Access chambers can be positioned away from the post and all installation work carried out at ground-level.

RS tee bend

RS sockets with tee bends are designed for posts where electrical cables are fed into the base of the post.

This bend facilitates looping cables in and out of the post plus additional cables in the ducting to pass straight through the bend for subsequent posts. Duckfoot and Tee bends proved for cables fed into the base of the post and give greater flexibility for post installation and maintenance.

RS shallow foundation base

RS sockets with shallow foundation bases are designed for the installation of posts with limited foundation depth capacity.

Shallow foundation design bases are constructed of high-strength steel flanges to match post size and foundation restrictions. They facilitate electrical cable ducting at reduced shallow depths and are suited for installation of posts on bridges, over cellars and other difficult sites.

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