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IPL group provides a competitive source for high-quality road products and street furniture for the design, maintenance and management of road networks and mixed-use streetscapes. Our trusted experience, team of skilled personnel and world-class products have made us Ireland’s leading single-source for industryleading designs and intelligent foundation solutions.

IPL group has an international reputation for product innovation, supplying municipal authorities and contractors with infrastructure solutions for rural and urban planning. We deliver aesthetic design, asset protection, road-user safety and also achieve operational aims of reducing maintenance costs, traffic disruption and signal downtime. Working closely with our customers on their unique design specifications, IPL group’s products and services provide passive safety, environmental protection and improved management control.

To ensure your continued success and sustainable infrastructure design, we make it our job to understand your operational processes, critical issues and future development plans in order to identify and implement integrated solutions of real value.

IPL group gets the best road products and street furniture working for you.



    As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the passive safety industry, IPL group offers a range of passive safety products that have been designed to exceed legislative crash protection standards and bring about real safety improvements in a ‘forgiving roadside’ environment. These include flexible safety bollards, aluminium posts, electrical isolation systems, cable disconnection plugs and RETENTION SYSTEM socket foundations for passive safety engineering, infrastructure maintenance requirements and replacement of posts in repeat knock-down areas. By eliminating repeat excavation, congestion on the road network is significantly reduced and roadside work and driver safety improved.


    As a creative and pioneering company, IPL group understands that the image and quality of the built environment are essential to the well-being and continued success of every development. IPL group has developed a portfolio of unique trademarked products that meet international specifications and standards. The RIVERS range of Irish-made street furniture has been created specifically to meet customer requirements for a competitive supply of quality design bollards, railings, signage and other street furniture in Ireland’s changing urban and rural environments.


    For those involved in specifying and managing national roads, towns and urban environments, IPL group’s intelligent foundations and RETENTION SYSTEM for installing and managing posts, street furniture and roadside objects helps protect the capital investment and huge reliance on essential infrastructure. Street furniture can be cleanly fitted and easily maintained. Signposts, lighting columns and traffic-control systems can be upgraded or replaced quickly. Shallow foundations can be calculated and designed. All post installations in RS sockets deliver significant cost savings and safeguard against disruption, down-time and excavation.


    At IPL group we work to understand our customers’ needs, to set new standards and to offer sustainable infrastructure design. From our 40 years in business in Ireland and abroad, IPL group has gained a reputation for innovative products and integrated solutions. As members of professional bodies such as ILP and ITS Ireland, and through our network of trusted partners, we have developed an international perspective and educated knowledge of global best practices. We offer customers access to the latest advancements that improve road safety, design specification, asset management and operational performance. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific project requirements. Our dedicated team of experienced personnel will ensure that you receive an informed and courteous service.
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