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The hardware structure of this periphery is based on the adoption of extremely new CPU CMOS with 32 bits developed specifically for the execution of the so-called “embedded” applications.

The card uses flash memories to store archives of historical data and LOG files of events. The Card has 1 RS485 gate for sensors and 1 RS485 gate (opto-isolated) for local networks used for connections with local communication devices (configuration computer, terminals and remote controls etc). As optional it is possible to install a PROFI BUS or ETHERNET serial port for connection with the communication devices PROFI BUS and ETHERNET respectively.

The card integrates a Real Time Clock (clock with date) that allows the software to storage figures in a chronological order.

  • Flow and temperature measurement on open channels with ultrasound or radar or piezo 4-20mA probe (Temperature only with ultrasonic sensors)
  • Programming key pad with 5 keys
  • "CAL" Function Key to direct access to the calibration menu
  • "GRAPH" Function Key to direct access to the graphs of measure
  • “USB” Function Key for data download on USB support
  • “MODE” Function Key for self-recognition probes
  • LCD Graphic color display 480(R.G.B.) (W) x 272(H)
  • Internal Data Logger (flash 32 Mbit) with the possibility of graphic and table visualisation of measurement trends
  • PID adjustment
  • Serial output RS485 MOD BUS RTU
  • Serial output PROFI BUS (Optional)
  • Serial output ETHERNET Modbus TCP/IP (Optional)
  • ETHERNET IP (on request)
  • Data download on USB support
  • 4 Programmable Analogical Outlets
  • 4 Relay Outlets for intervention thresholds
  • 1 Relay Outlet for Instrument Anomaly Alarm
  • 1 Digital Input for disabling of doses
  • 50 SERIES FL features and technical specifications

    Data storage Internal Flash 32Mbit Memory (near to 128000 records).
    Records interval: 01:00 ÷ 99:99 min.
    Type: Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling
    Storage of:
  • instant flow
  • totalizers
  • alarms

  • With minimum storage interval of 1 min.
    Possibility of visualization of the stored data in tabular and graphic form, with indication of max, min and average values of the selected period. Zoom function
    4 Analogue Outputs 1 for each measure with possibility of PID management
    4 Digital outputs of Command Max 2 outputs per measurement Set Point ON - OFF: setting of the working range (hysteresis / direction) and pulses for totalizer
    Alarm digital output Reporting: Instrumental anomalies, lack of ultrasound echo-probe
    Digital input To disable dosages or activate washing cycle
    RS485 Serial output For set-up and real-time data acquisition from remote or for stored data download (using a dedicate-SW) . MODBUS RTU communication protocol
    Manual controls Possibility to simulate all the analogue and digital outputs using the keyboard
    Possible open weirs Rectangular – Thomson – Bazin – Venturi – Palmer Bowlus – 30 points table
    Totalizers Nr 2; 1 resettable, 1 non-resettable, totalizer has 10 digits
    Visualization LCD Graphic color display 480(R.G.B.) (W) x 272(H)
    Programming 5 bubble-Keys keyboard
    Data Logger Flash 32Mbit Memory (near to 128000 records).
    Analogue Outputs
  • 0 / 4.00 ÷ 20.00 mA
  • Galvanic separation: 1KV Optoisolator
  • Maximum load 500 Ohm
  • Second Alarm output: NAMUR 2.4 mA (with 4/20mA Range)
  • Digital Outputs Switching Relays Usable as NO contact
    Max resistive load 3A a 230Vac
    Digital Inputs Active and already supplied
    Possibility to link with a 3 wires - inductive sensor
    Analogue Input 4-20mA Analogue Input freely programmable
    Serial Output RS485 with 1200÷38400 Baud Rate programmable speed
    MOD BUS RTU Protocol
    Operating conditions Operating temperature -20÷65°C
    Storage and transport -25÷65°C
    Humidity 10-95% (non-condensing)
    Power Supply/Electrical protections Power supply 100÷240Vac/dc 50- 60 Hz – (Optional 24Vac/dc)
    Sensors power supply:
  • 2-wire: 12Vdc
  • 4-wire: 24Vdc
  • Transformer isolation 4KV
  • Absorbing average <7W
  • Electrical Protection: EMI / RFI CEI-EN55011 – 05/99
  • According to UL, not connect to relay outputs a voltage exceeding 115V
  • Dimensions (L x H x D) 144x144x122.5mm
    Mounting thickness 122.5mm
    Material Grey ABS RAL 7045
    Weight 1 Kg
    Front Panel UV resistant Polycarbonate
    Dimensions (L x H x D) 144x144x86.5mm
    Mounting thickness 61mm
    Material Grey ABS RAL 7045
    Weight 0.7 Kg
    Front Panel UV resistant Polycarbonate
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