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Automatic bollard made with diameter sizes Ø220mm & Ø275mm, available in 600 or 750mm height and 8mm or 13mm wall thickness AISI 304 satin stainless steel piston. Top lid, chassis, clamping and screws all made of stainless steel. Red/ green LED traffic light ring.

Automatic lowering in case of malfunction or emergency, this allows lowering without electricity or auxiliary means.

The most sensitive electrical components are placed in the top so that water contact is always avoided. Power consumption 700W, 300W motor (3000r.p.m) and IP67. Rising / descend time: between 3/4 seconds.

Optional: a metallic mass detector can be included for improved security. This device detects vehicles and lowers the bollard automatically. In case of individuals or other obstacles, a pressure sensor will operate to lower the bollard to the slightest sign of impact.

Available sizes;
  • Ø220 x 600 mm x 8mm Wall
  • Ø220 x 750 mm x 8mm Wall
  • Ø220 x 750 mm x 13mm Wall
  • Ø275 x 600 mm x 8mm Wall
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