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WaterCore builds on Technolog's excellence in data logging, remote data collection and pressure management by complementing its cutting edge technology with a highly stable and configurable web based platform.

Watercore incorporates a powerful web based multi-centre operation, data analysis and configuration of sites remotely. Can be provided on a local Server.

  • Powerful cloud based multi-centre operation
  • Data analysis and configuration of sites ‘on-the-move’
  • Site visibility
  • Remote configuration and management of Technolog’s Cello based products
  • Fully compatible with all modern web browsers
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) data can be displayed in an easy to read table.
  • User definable pressure control groups.
  • Easy graphing of sites, with options to totalise data and compare profiles.
  • WaterCore supports Google 'Street View' to allow visualisation of site locations.
  • Satellite and terrain map views.
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